This is a collection of six stories, each centered on a different force that shapes the world. The forces are the actions of people, not natural phenomena. People in these stores act instinctively, driven by the biological elements of their personalities. Their destructive effect is the same as a “force of nature”, such as a tornado or an earthquake. The stories are “The Bet”, “Dodging Crocodiles, “The Miracle of Bethlehem”, “The Lewis House”, “Another One Goes Bad”, and “The Wall”.
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A US Navy reconnaissance aircraft is shot down in international airspace by North Korea in 1968. Only ten of the 31 officers and crew survive, becoming prisoners of war confronted with brutal beatings, long hours of tedium, battles with flies, bed bugs, and sewer trout, confrontations with Super C, Major Silk, the Bear, Smiling Sam, the Mad Major and others, and a punishing Hell Week when their efforts to sabotage North Korean propaganda with the “Hawaiian Good Luck Sign” are revealed. Desperate to know their fate, some see events as “signs” of impending release while others see the same “signs” as the prospect of a long imprisonment. Who is right?
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An Experimental Transport Device (XTD) that operates on a Thorasic Wave takes Ray and Tom to an encounter with an unidentified phenomenon called Uncle Papa. Science, Religion and Business fight for control over XTD. This is not a science fiction story, though there are science fiction elements. The XTD, the Wave, and Uncle Papa are metaphors used to the examine the nature of consciousness and the relationship between Science, Religion and Business.
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