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This collection of twenty five short stories takes “jabs” at various topical subjects, such as public buildings named after the philanthropic donor, the difference between a "criminal" and a "lawbreaker", how to choose the right religion, the Fourth of July, war movies, life after death, television advertising, and more. These stories are not intended to deliver a “knockout punch” like a footnoted essay or article, but instead bring the topic to mind in an unexpected context to hit the reader with a quick "jab" and provoke a reaction.
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This is a collection of twenty separate writings that are organized by the intensity of the voice of the writing.  A “Squeak” is the short but sharp sound of these general observations or comments not in the form of a story. A “Grunt” is the unhappy sound found in these short stories confronting a disquieting reality.  A “Howl” is the cry of alarm or pain in these short stories which takes on a sharper edge of life. 

Exploring ideas through fiction