More detail about “Squeaks, Grunts, and Howls" can be found in an “Author Interview”, commentaries on each story, and computer data, all available upon request.
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A Howl” is the cry of alarm or pain in these short stories which takes on a sharper edge of life.  “Howls” include:


· Fire in the Clearing” looks at the presence of life on Earth in an otherwise dead Universe and how it might be destroyed.


· My Aunt Tishe” centers on “reading the soul” of another person, whether by a person with a “gift” or a software developer designing a product to analyze employees.


· Happiness” presents a serial killer who claims the same right to be as happy as other people even though the source of his happiness is killing women.


· Sacrifice” has 15th century Spanish “Conquistadors” examining the ruins of a large Anasazi city in the American Southwest and asking why the people failed to handle the existential threat of a drought.


·Ham Sandwich” is a not-too-subtle look at the distribution of wealth in the 1%-99% economy as people squabble over a ham sandwich discarded by a passing Mercedes. 


· A Miscellaneous Item” ” follows a marble bust of a young woman by a Renaissance sculptor as its value in the art world is determined by supply and demand and not the quality of its artistic expression.


· Thy Will Be Done” adopts the historical account of the murder of Hypatia of Alexandria, Egypt in March 415 AD to the present day murder of a college teacher as part of the plan of a fundamentalist preacher to “Christianize” a small American town.


·Eleven Pints” refers to the quantity of blood in a young man’s body which the rich owner of a major corporation must have, and uses his power to take, as the only way to extend his life and enable him to grow his business further and increase his wealth.

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