“Thorasic Wave” is not a work of science fiction. It uses the Wave, XTD, Uncle Papa and others as metaphors to give its themes a visual form. For example, the book uses the Wave as a visual portrayal of consciousness. The XTD pilot becomes the point of conflict over science’s deconstruction of human individuality. Uncle Papa represents the prospect of a dimension beyond the rules of Nature that dictate everyday life, a prospect that puts science and religion in direct conflict. The subjects which “Thorasic Wave” address may seem heavy, but the work utilizes a style that is straightforward and colloquial.
The narrative also offers adventure, such as Tom’s XTD flight that ends in a crash, a struggle to survive in the desert, and his encounter with “Crazy Yoko” who lives alone in a house called Stone House built by her deceased husband in cluster of boulders in a box canyon called the Picnic Box the remote desert with her dog Yoji.  There is also the scheme of Major Laplace undermine the ambitions of FlightTech by secreting all the


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parts to build an XTD into a rented warehouse as a hedge against an effort by FlightTech to exercise a monopoly over the technology. And there is the "Battle of Briggs Field" where all the forces at work -- business, science, religion -- physically clash, both at the front gate and in a surprise attack on the location of a Roll-out Ceremony for the latest XTD model.

Humor is an important element of “Thorasic Wave”, in part to add an occasional note of levity to the narrative. An example is the argument over lunch whether the soul is hamburger or salt. An occasional change of pace is provided by the unexpected comments of the Culturemudgeon interspersed throughout the work. His “Modest Proposals” critique flying commercially, restaurants, Christmas music, and more.
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