The two friends join a group of climbers, train, and climb to the summit. Then, an afternoon thunderstorm descends on the mountain. Sam is

time he had experienced the full emotional power of the beauty of the Grand Teton in the magical pre-dawn light. But a year later, in the aftermath of the climb, Sam looks at the photograph and sees a different mountain, especially the piles of talus at its base. He is repulsed. He is further shaken when someone says that the "magical" pre-dawn light is a well-known natural phenomenon called “alpenglow” that can happen anywhere.
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separated from the group, injured, and trapped in a ravine at 13,500 feet in a raging snowstorm. He wrestles with fear, the prospect of death, the temptation to give up the struggle, elation, betrayal, and other emotions. He finally tumbles from the ravine to the edge of a cliff and avoids falling to his death only after a back-and-forth contest between opposing forces, one urging him to accept his fate and the other urging him to fight for his life. After a difficult night alone, Sam is rescued. Back home, Sam sinks into a depression that is partially relieved by meeting Tina, a former girlfriend. He takes Tina into the countryside to learn how to the use a new camera she had purchased at his store. Her warm personality combines with a tranquil pastoral scene to revive Sam’s sense of Nature’s beauty. Later, at a gathering of friends from a bus tour to Italy, Sam is confronted by a photograph of the Grand Teton that he had taken when he “floated the dawn” on a hillock overlooking the Snake River just prior to the climb. At that
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